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Martial Arts Training

Extreme fitness bootcamp

​At Mendes Martial Arts our classes are always high energy and action packed! Instead of dreading the next time that you have to go to the gym, you’ll be wishing your fitness bootcamp class wasn’t over! What sets us apart is that our coaches are trained martial artists so not only will you get an amazing workout but you’ll actually learn how to punch and kick the correct way in case you need to defend yourself!

This program allows individuals to experience the excitement of a group workout while staying within their personal abilities.  We challenge you with cardio and strength training and develop muscle, reduce fat and increase stamina and flexibility.  We also incorporate striking drills for fun and practicality, again creating that valuable relationship between fitness and self defense.

Fun and never boring! No two classes are ever alike. Our creativity will keep things fresh and we’ll keep you on your toes!
A Mendes Martial Arts fitness bootcamp class is the most fun you can have while sculpting a lean and mean physique.
Pumpin’ music!  Our instructors choose music that will get you in the groove and ready for action.  We’ll get you warmed up for a training session that involves body weight calisthenics and cardio conditioning.
Calisthenics help to develop your strength, energy, and agility levels while cardio will really get your heart pumping!
Want your body to become trimmed and toned? Our classes are designed to help you do just that! We work on the areas that you want to “tighten up”!
At Mendes Martial Arts of Taunton we want to see how lean and mean you can be! Our only objective is to help you achieve your fitness goals and give you the motivational support need to do so. 

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