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Black Belt Student Preparation

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This article contains all information you, or your child may need to receive a black belt at Mendes Martial Arts. It will cover all forms required to get a black belt. This will also include all physical fitness and education needed to get a black belt. The button below will take you to a downloadable version of the information provided which can also be found at the bottom of the page.


​Basic Form 1

Pyong Ahn Sam

Basic Form 2

Pyong Ahn Sa

Basic Form 3

Pyong Ahn Oh

World Form 1

Chil Sung Ee

World Form 2

Chil Sung Sam

World Form 3

Chil Sung Sam

Basic/ World 4

Bassai So

Pyong Ahn Cho

Bassai Dae

Pyong Ahn Ee

Nianchi Cho


Bong Hyung Il Bu

Bong Hyung Ee Bu

Bong Hyung Sam Bu

Line Drills:

​Hand Techniques

Foot Techniques

Combination Techniques

Mendes Martial Arts

Black Belt Exam Curriculum/Fitness Check List

Self Defense:

​Front Grab 1

Side Grab 11

​Front Grab 2

Side Grab 12

Front Grab 3

Side Grab 13

Front Grab 4

Side Grab 14

Front Grab 5

Side Grab 15

Back Grab 6

Two Hand Grab 16

Back Grab 7

Two Hand Grab 17

Back Grab 8

Two Hand Grab 18

Back Grab 9

Two Hand Grab 19

Back grab 10

Two Hand Grab 20

One Step / Three Step Sparring:


North East


South East


South West


North West

Knife Defense:






Mendes Martial Arts

Black Belt Exam Curriculum/Fitness Check List


Run 1 Mile

50+ Pushups

50+ leg raises

50+ Squat Thrusts

100 Jumping Jacks

Kicks head height +


​Jump Spinning Back Kick


Basic Tang Soo Do History

Pyong Hwa Kunin History


5 codes of TSD

7 Tenets of TSD

14 Attitudes of TSD

Additional To Do List:

In Advance of Test At time of/After Testing

Write Blackbelt Paper

Order Blackbelt Equip

Take Passport Photo

Update Class Schedule

Pay Association Fee

Prepare demo at grad

Pay Cho Dan Test Fee

Commit 1 day of TSD Service

Mendes Martial Arts

BLack Belt Exam Training Expectations

Training in Class:

Students are expected to train three + days per week. Due to pandemic restraints this can be achieved by training two week nights at the school and adding either virtual lessons on Tuesday or Thursday or training on Saturday morning or private lessons.

Training from Home

Students are expected to engage in regular reinforcement of the skills and knowledge presented in class. They are expected to engage in regular fitness activities to achieve the fitness requirements of the black belt test. Students are expected to use provided resources (such as handouts and the Pyong Hwa Kunin Website) to learn the codes, tenets, attitudes, history of Tang Soo Do, etc.


Students are expected to participate in ALL testing and evaluations for the 6 months leading up to the black belt test. Failure to follow all aforementioned guidelines may result in not receiving final consent to test.

Timeline for Preparation/Requirements:

Receive Approval to Test

2 months prior

Submit 3 copies of Paper

2 weeks prior

Pay Association fees

Jan. each year

Pay Belt Test Fee

1 month prior

Day of Testing Essential Information

​Test Site Address

TBD ~ Varies

Date of Test

June & Sept. 2022

Expected Time of Arrival

1 hour prior to start time

Anticipated End Time


Uniform Requirement

Traditional white with red trim, fully patched, clean, ironed

Gear Requirement

Bong, knife, and Sparring Gear

Nutrition Requirement

Healthy snack, power bar, etc. for after testing, multiple water bottles

Paperwork Requirement

2 Passport photos,

copy of written paper

Printable version here:

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